Welcome to the website of Campassion Care Trust!
Our aim is to serve the elderly in Cambridge and the surrounding area.
We seek to work with churches and individuals, raising awareness of the needs of the elderly (neighbours, in church, in local care homes) and encouraging ways to meet those needs.

Our vision

To relieve elderly people who are in need, by providing care, services and such facilities which the trustees deem appropriate within a Christian environment to the glory of God, in Cambridge and the surrounding area.
To advance the education of members of the community in the area of benefit regarding care for the elderly, by providing information and advice through classes, seminars, conferences and presentations, and written or online material.
Our desire is to see a Christian care home (or more than one!) established in the Cambridge area, to serve the needs of the elderly, particularly Christians. This is a huge undertaking, for which we currently do not have the resources, but with God nothing is impossible. So do join us in praying for this venture, and if you are able to support this project please contact us.