How the vision was born

In the 1990s a group of Christians in Cambridge investigated the possibility of establishing a Care Home. This vision went dormant for a time but was initially revived in the 2000s and then again in 2014 when Anne Jarvis, Cecilia Brassett and David Farrer decided to explore further. The group soon expanded to about ten members from various Cambridge churches and the Campassion Care Trust was registered as a charity in July 2015.
During the last three years a partnership has been developed with the Pilgrims' Friend Society and three joint annual conferences held in Cambridge to promote Christian care and love for older people. Carmel McDonnell joined Campassion as their Care Home Liaison Officer in 2016 and has been investigating links between existing local Care Homes and Cambridge churches. This has resulted in a number of new initiatives where services have been held and churches linked with Care Homes.
At present the charity has four trustees, a working core group of nine members and approximately 150 supporters.
Nov 2017